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An overview of final arrangement options

By Erica Lamberg
Here is a summary of final arrangement options and the advantages of each. Andy Li / Unsplash

Here is a summary of final arrangement options and the advantages to each:


Considered the most traditional choice. Some advantages of burial:


Cremation is now the most popular option for final disposition, surpassing burials in 2015, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. Some advantages of cremation:

Green burial

A green burial highlights environmental sustainability and simplicity. The body is not cremated or prepared for burial with embalming chemicals. The body is placed in blanket, shroud or biodegradable container and is placed in soil or the ground. The advantages of a green burial:

Alkaline hydrolysis

Sometimes called "water cremation," this process involves placing the body in a pressure vessel filled a chemical solution. Rather than being traditionally cremated, the body is reduced to chemical components. (Because of differing regulations, it's not available in some states.) The advantages of alkaline hydrolysis:

Donating the body to science

Whole-body donation assists in medical research. Medical students and scientists use donated bodies to study diseases, and in turn develop new treatments. The advantages of donating the body to science:

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